Hotel Casa Arrendador is situated in the heart of the Valley of Ayora, an area well known for its rivers with mineral water, the production of honey and wine, and the olive oil. Because of its unspoilt nature the area is extremely popular with hikers and cyclists.

Our hotel is on walking distance from Teresa de Cofrentes and Zarra. At 5 kilometers distance lies Ayora, a slightly bigger village. Because of this, the guests of our hotel can enjoy the touristic activities of all three villages.


Zarra has various touristic attractions. Amongst others the church, the “Necrópolis Ibéricas”, and there are caves and rivers. The prettiest attraction is Paraje “La Hoz”, an enclave about 5 kilometers west of Zarra. It is a nature reserve with dense forests.  There is also an abandoned village, the “Aldea de la Hoz”, which is certainly worthwhile visiting.

Teresa de Cofrentes.

Teresa de Cofrentes is a small, picturesque village, which still has its original Spanish atmosphere. There are several restaurants and every Tuesday there is a small market, where people can buy local products from the region. The village is situated against a mountain hill, and everybody who takes the effort to walk up it will be rewarded with a splendid view over the Valley of Ayora.


Ayora is the biggest of the three villages and worthwhile visiting. There are several old churches (ermitages). A few times a year there are big feasts in the village. In the week before Easter (Santa Semana) there are processions every night in the village. In August the village has its famous bull runs and in October there is the charming Honey Festival. But throughout the year, Ayora is a village worthwhile visiting.


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